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The heart and soul of Shogun Fitness is Shogun90. We took the best tools, training methods, and nutrition programming developed and discovered over a decade, and combined them all into a powerful 12-week program that will transform your body and change your life.

Traditional personal training struggles with the work and time required to make gradual lifestyle changes–and this makes the average fitness journey longer, harder, and less rewarding than it should be. 


At Shogun Fitness, we believe your body WANTS to be fit, strong, energetic, lean, and injury–resistant, and we believe that if we give your body the tools it needs in order to be this way, it can change quickly! Fast results are rewarding, exciting, and teach us more about how to build a sustainable lifestyle of fitness–that’s why we believe in our mission of getting you better results, faster, for less time and money. Shogun90 is an integrated program in which every element is designed to work with and complement the others, giving you the power to achieve extraordinary results that last.


Shogun90 is everything you need to transform your body in one complete, customized, 12–week program:

  1. A customized blend of one–on–one training sessions and dynamic Team–Training sessions using our revolutionary ShogunCore movement system–teaching you to activate over 650 muscles in your body to create incredible power, make you practically injury–proof, and burn more calories than any workout you have ever experienced.
  2. Personalized meal plan, meal building guide, and lean–eating recipe book packed with delicious meals
  3. Macronutrient analysis and food–logging training–we’ll get an x-ray view into how your body uses protein, carbohydrates, and fats, and teach your YOUR perfect numbers so you can look, feel, and perform your best with total peace of mind for the rest of your life
  4. Customized nutritional toolkit designed specifically for you in order to solve problems and fill in gaps in your meal plan, eating and training schedule, recovery process, and food likes/dislikes
  5. Online workout video series to keep you on track with the program in between your workouts with us
  6. Total coaching and support throughout–this program is super powerful, and your results are our highest priority. We’ll do everything possible to ensure you have an amazing experience and get the transformation you earn.

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Experience a Dynamic and Engaging Fitness Program

Get on the Road to a Stronger, Healthier You

Have you been thinking of beginning a fitness and health journey? Perhaps you’ve set out to do just that, but are disheartened because your efforts haven’t quite generated the results you were hoping for. With the help of our Crossfit and fitness coach in Seattle, however, you are one step closer to a fitter, healthier you.

Enjoy Tangible Results with Shogun Fitness

Shogun Fitness doesn’t waste time doing things that don’t work–instead, we create fitness solutions that generate better results in less time.

Come work with Jef Nelson, our personal trainer in Seattle, for our 90-Day Transformation Program or our Virtual Training Program which address nutrition, exercise, and mindset — the three pillars of fitness. Both programs provide a dynamic experience that delivers tangible results.

Experience the Difference with Personal Trainer Jef Nelson

Our workout programs and Crossfit-inspired training sessions are enjoyable and cost-effective because of personal trainer Jef Nelson’s decade of experience as an elite fitness coach.

Jef makes performance training and weight management easier for both the ordinary person who is just beginning, and the weekend warrior or high-level recreational athlete. He focuses on building a strong, athletic body for long-term, sustainable results. You get the benefit of Jef’s ten years of experience coaching the program, as well as his certifications:

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine, Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • National Exercise and Strength Trainers Association, Certified Personal Trainer

Explore What You Didn’t Think Was Possible

You may have tried a fitness program before and it didn’t work. You may be browsing the internet for good programs but have your misgivings if any of them will work. But with Shogun Fitness, you can get rid of your doubts. We make long-term fitness possible with our dynamic and engaging programs.

For a start, you can download a free copy of our 90-day program and follow our training and nutrition methods. You can take it to the next level by opting for our Virtual Training Program. This personalizes your workout routine and nutrition plan to generate the best possible results. Get in touch with our fitness instructor in Seattle, today.

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Fuel Like a Superhero

Results Are Built In the Kitchen - Leaning out, toning up, gaining muscle, building strength, having great energy--all the result of consistent, appropriate nutrition.

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Private Training

The Classic - Just you and your coach, 1-on-1, mastering strength-training, mobility, core, and cardio in 50-min sessions.

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Team Training

The Cutting Edge - 2- to 4-person teams train in workouts customized for each participant, but which require teamwork or friendly competition to complete. Get better results, in less time, with more fun--at a fraction of the cost.

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Having a nutrition coach gives you access to tools and technologies that a random online article can’t provide. World--class products trusted by elite professional and amateur athletes give you the competitive edge in your fitness journey.

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The Shogun Fitness Story

As a pro fitness coach since 2008, I love helping people unlock their inner superhero by creating an amazing fitness experience for them to explore.
Fitness shouldn’t be a grind–it should be an adventure. You should feel stronger, more capable, more confident and have more fun every workout, every day.
Shogun Fitness is committed to excellence in athlete safety and client relationships, and we proudly use the latest fitness technology, nutritional support, and training science to get extraordinary results that are sustainable and exciting.

— Jef Nelson —

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If you're looking for the best personal trainer in Seattle, look no further! I went on Yelp looking for a trainer to help pull me out of my rut. I was fairly healthy to begin with but was bored with my normal routine and not getting the results I wanted on my own. I decided to give Jef a try because he had the top ratings on Yelp, and now I know why he does!

Casey B.


Was looking for a kick start to get back to my old self. Jef created a great workout and nutrition plan for me to follow for 12 weeks. Following the program and having Jef keep me accountable and motivated was just what I was looking for. The first week alone I dropped 7lbs of fat and noticed an increase in strength. If you are looking for someone that can help you achieve maximum results and keep pushing you to your goals, there is no one better than Jef and the staff at Shogun Fitness!

Joe D.


Incredible! Jef truly is a master trainer! Not only are his workouts effective and exciting, he also takes time to coach on nutrition. He's always on time, always excited to train and always has new exercises to keep it interesting!

Heididdly D.

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