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Having a Personal Trainer Helps You Overcome the Dreaded CrossFit Plateau

The first months of CrossFit are the honeymoon stage: you just can’t get enough of it. You wake up determined to crush that workout of the day (WOD). You invest in workout wardrobe and read up on the best CrossFit diets. You make tremendous progress. During this time, your CrossFit life seems like it would never slow down.

For most people, however, CrossFit careers do slow down.


CrossFit Plateau: The Tell-Tale Signs

This downtime is called the plateau. There’s a dramatic decrease in the results — gone are the huge rookie gains. When put in a graph, your numbers begin to flatten and taper off. Your motivation drops, too. You wake up contemplating if you should skip the box and just eat pizza while watching Netflix.

Bear in mind that like relationships, CrossFit doesn’t have to end just because you’re past the honeymoon stage. Plateaus happen because your body has adjusted to the physical demands of CrossFit. Now’s not the time to quit; in fact, your CrossFit career is only getting started!

We’ve seen countless people hit the CrossFit plateau. Trust us, having a personal trainer makes overcoming it easier. Here are ways personal training in Seattle helps you conquer plateaus.


Your Coach Creates the Proper Game Plan

Some people who hit the plateau do anything to raise their numbers again, and this includes performing more WODs and more running exercises. At first glance, nothing’s wrong with this game plan. But if the person doesn’t have a goal to back it up, he or she is performing random sets and reps that don’t lead to a specific result.

Your personal coach helps you set small, realistic goals that all contribute to overcoming plateaus. Busting the plateau isn’t a one-time, big-time task, after all. It’s part of a roadmap riddled with several hurdles. Coaches know the right steps to boost your performance and get you those big gains.


Your Coach Keeps Your Form in Check

In pursuit of results, you might perform more sessions and sacrifice your form. It’s easy to focus on the numbers and lose track of how you’re performing each set.

A personal coach would never allow that to happen.

More than anyone, he or she knows the importance of proper form. A coach stands by your side and checks if you perform pull-ups and push-ups properly. The benefits? Proper form prevents injury. Your body is aligned, and you don’t risk tearing your tendons or muscles.

You’re sure that you’re targeting the right muscles. You’re training the right body part, and you won’t strain other areas that aren’t intended to be worked. This contributes greatly to your fitness goals. Proper form also allows for proper breathing. You’ll breathe easier and prevent severe increases in blood pressure.


Your Coach Is Your Personal Hype Squad

Your coach keeps you accountable. After all, is there anything more motivating than a text reminding you of your session the following day? Or the thought that your coach (and WODs) are waiting for you at the box? Your coach is trained to motivate you to do better.

Trust that your coach will acknowledge your plateau and help you overcome it. A coach won’t baby you; he or she’ll be upfront when you get too comfortable and aren’t challenged enough. He or she will identify and communicate the areas you have to improve on. Remember, your coach probably went through plateaus, too, so he or she would be in a position to teach you how to overcome them.

Bottomline: a coach makes overcoming plateaus easier. He or she creates the right game plan, checks your form, and keeps you motivated. For inquiries about personal CrossFit trainers, contact Shogun Fitness today.