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Stay Fit This Holiday: Tips and Tricks to Sneak in a Quick Workout

It’s hard enough to stick to a consistent workout routine, but add holiday festivities to the mix,  and you may find yourself placing ‘hitting the gym’ on the bottom part of your daily to-do list. Don’t worry, though. We’re here to offer a few tips on how to squeeze in a workout during the busy holiday season.


Walk a Full Lap Around the Mall

Going to the mall to buy gifts for your loved ones? Wear your walking shoes, and prepare to take a quickly paced, full-lap walk around the mall before you enter your preferred shops. This way, you get to do a short exercise while window shopping. You might even spot a cooler alternative to that holiday sweater you usually get for your relatives.


Work Out with Family

This season, you’re likely to be surrounded by family. Take advantage of having them around by doing fun, holiday-related exercise activities, such as visiting the ice rink or playing a wintertime treasure hunt. You get to sneak in a quick workout while having quality bonding time with the family.


Do Home Workouts

Even if the local gym is closed or the weather is terrible, you can still do home workouts to stick to your fitness plan. Bring out the yoga mat to do brief sessions to improve your mobility and stability. If you have dumbbells at home, squeeze in a thirty-minute strength training every morning.

Got family and friends staying with you this holiday? Move your home fitness equipment into your bedroom. This way, you get to do a few minutes of workout at night or in the morning before you join your guests having holiday festivities in your kitchen or living room.

And if you don’t know any home workout that suits your fitness plan, ask your Shogun Fitness coach for recommendations and tips. There are a lot of simple workouts that bring significant results, especially if you know how to execute them right.


Stay Active While Traveling

If you already have a personal trainer here in Seattle, but will be traveling out of town during the holidays to visit family and friends, it might be hard for you to keep up with your workout schedule. There are things you can do to maintain your workout while on the go.

One is to walk around the airport terminal in between flights. If you’re checking in in a hotel, don’t forget to visit its fitness center for a quick run on the treadmill or several minutes of weight training. Bring resistance bands, too. They are easy to pack, and you can use them for quick strength exercises whenever you have a few minutes of free time while traveling.

Staying in shape amidst a lot of parties and celebrations this holiday season can be challenging. But with ample preparation, you can squeeze in a workout whenever you can. You aren’t always in charge of your schedule this season, so you can only do your best. Just remind yourself to get back to your workout routine as soon as the holiday chaos is over.

Want more tips about staying fit this holiday season? Don’t hesitate to give us a call today.