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Spring Into Fitness: Fitness Ideas to Get You Lean This Season

Winter is a notorious culprit for making people gain weight. The combination of scrumptious holiday food and bed-weather can make a person sluggish, loathe to get up, and slow to move around – and this may result in a little more weight around your middle.

If you weren’t able to resist mom’s Christmas pumpkin pie and green bean casserole, don’t fret! Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to get leaner and healthier. Simply follow these spring fitness ideas:

  1. Schedule an Annual Physical Checkup

Before actually starting your workout, it’s a good idea to have your physical health assessed. According to the CDC, regular physical exams help you find health problems before they start. So, while you might look and feel fine, keeping tabs on health concerns like your blood pressure and vitamin deficiencies are vital for designing your workout routine.

  1. Work Out with a Buddy

A lot of people like to do things alone, but sometimes it’s better to work out with a partner. Simply having to meet someone makes a difference between showing up for the work out and not exercising at all. This is one of the ways you and your workout buddy can motivate each other, so get up, get your buddy, and go to your CrossFit or Personal trainer in the Seattle area this spring.

  1. Ride Your Bike to the Gym

Instead of using your car to go to the gym, take advantage of the mild and overall pleasant spring weather and use a bike instead. Not only do you enjoy the benefits of breathing in fresh air, but biking is also an excellent opportunity to get some exercise in your day. Biking to the gym can also serve as your pre-workout stretch.

  1. Hit the Beach Running

Unlike running on an evenly-paved path, jogging on an uneven surface, such as the sand on the beach, can burn more calories. This is because your body works extra hard to keep you stabilized and propel you forward from the sunken position of your feet. So, break up your gym routine once in a while and try running by the beach. Apart from burning more calories, you enjoy the fresh sea breeze, too.

  1. Get Into Sports

Another way to break up your exercise routine is to get into sports. Gather your friends and try outdoor sports like golf or Frisbee by the beach. These sports activities are a fun way to get your heart pumping while setting a nice change of pace from your regular workouts.

  1. Spring-ify Your Diet

Every season brings its own abundance of flavor, but no season tastes fresher than spring. Fresh greens are popping up, strawberries are ripe for the picking, and many other edible plants can be eaten fresh from your own garden. This is why salads of all kinds are best enjoyed this season.

A cool, crisp salad is a light and refreshing alternative to heavy, unhealthy meals. The fresh ingredients are great sources of fiber and antioxidants that aid in your weight loss and healthy weight maintenance efforts.

The Fun Road to Fitness

In truth, it doesn’t matter when you decide to start taking care of your health and fitness. Spring just happens to bring more benefits for you, and there’s nothing more motivating than looking at fitness as an exciting activity.

If you want to explore more exciting ways to stay fit not just for one season but year round, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Shogun Fitness today.