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How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise Consistently

We’ve all been through the process of seeing our fitspiration on the TV or social media and instantly feeling motivated to work out. But after a few push-ups or a few runs around the street, we’re back on the couch and scrolling through our phones.

Only 23% of Americans get enough exercise, according to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s time to stop being a part of the remaining 77% and break the cycle.

Realize That It’s Not Always About How You Look

When it comes to working out, your health should be your #1 priority. You may be forced to quit before because you don’t see the results manifesting in the mirror, even though you’ve made a lot of progress in other ways.

Instead of setting goals based on how sculpted your abs and biceps are, give yourself small and achievable objectives based on your weight loss and endurance. This includes setting weight targets every week and trying to outlast your previous time on the stationary bike or your treadmill. When you put your health first, your dream bod will fall into place eventually.

Write Down Your Workout Plan

Now that you have your goals set, it’s time to create your workout plan. However, it’s tiring as it is daunting. As such, it’s important to ask for help from your personal trainer when formulating your plan. If they’ve already drafted one for you, don’t ask for a copy of it. Instead, get a pen and paper and ask them to explain the process of each workout and their benefits. Not only does taking down notes increase your knowledge about each exercise, but it also motivates you to do them.

According to the report, “The Gender Gap and Goal-Setting: A Research Study,” people who documented their goals on paper, had a better time achieving them. This is because of two things, according to an analysis of the study on Forbes Magazine: It gives you a clear, visual reminder of your goals and your brain retains information related to them better. List everything down to your schedule to make sure you stay on track.

Create Friendly Competition

Workouts are more enjoyable when you share the experience with other people. A study called “Support or competition? How online social networks increase physical activity: A randomized controlled trial” suggests upping your routines with healthy competition. The paper, published in “Preventative Medicine Reports 4,” found that 90% of the 790 participants attended competition-motivated workout sessions than non-competitive ones. The authors noted that in competitive settings, people who exercise the most inspire others to do the same.

As such, the bar keeps getting raised, creating a cycle of motivation to do better. Try to form a group in your CrossFit box in Seattle and cooperate with your trainer in creating a scoreboard to keep track of your progress and rank you based on performance. Before you know it, you’ll be hitting beyond your daily targets.

Motivation isn’t equal to forcing yourself to do something. Your exercise should be enjoyable as it is rewarding. As such, you should stick with a routine you like and reinforce it with clear goals. Add some friendly competition into the mix, and you’ll have all the motivation you need to have a healthier body.

Find the Right Personal Trainer for Your Journey to a Healthy Body

It’s frustrating to go through a long and tiring fitness program and not get any tangible results. Jef Nelson, our personal trainer here at Shogun Fitness, has been in the CrossFit industry for more than a decade. He adjusts every part of his fitness program to tailor it to every person’s needs and fitness goals. With his certifications with the National Academy of Sports and Medicine and the National Exercise Trainers Association, you know you’re in good hands.

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