We believe fitness unlocks the ordinary person’s inner superhero.


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The Shogun Fitness Story

As a pro fitness coach since 2008, I love helping people unlock their inner superhero by creating an amazing fitness experience for them to explore.

Fitness shouldn’t be a grind–it should be an adventure. You should feel stronger, more capable, more confident and have more fun every workout, every day.

Shogun Fitness is committed to excellence in athlete safety and client relationships, and we proudly use the latest fitness technology, nutritional support, and training science to get extraordinary results that are sustainable and exciting.

— Jef Nelson —

a true partner

I’m on a mission to change the way fitness is done--I believe that people are paying too much for their fitness and not getting enough for it. That’s why I created Shogun90--a comprehensive, integrated 12-week program that uses the best tools available, along with world-class coaching and support, to get you better results, faster, for less money and with more fun.

having a plan feels good

The mission is to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and toolset that will allow you not only to get amazing results in your program with me, but to be able--and motivated--to continue your fitness journey for the rest of your life. Results that last, and that you can build on--that’s my promise to you.


If you're looking for the best personal trainer in Seattle, look no further! I went on Yelp looking for a trainer to help pull me out of my rut. I was fairly healthy to begin with but was bored with my normal routine and not getting the results I wanted on my own. I decided to give Jef a try because he had the top ratings on Yelp, and now I know why he does!

Casey B.


Was looking for a kick start to get back to my old self. Jef created a great workout and nutrition plan for me to follow for 12 weeks. Following the program and having Jef keep me accountable and motivated was just what I was looking for. The first week alone I dropped 7lbs of fat and noticed an increase in strength. If you are looking for someone that can help you achieve maximum results and keep pushing you to your goals, there is no one better than Jef and the staff at Shogun Fitness!

Joe D.


Incredible! Jef truly is a master trainer! Not only are his workouts effective and exciting, he also takes time to coach on nutrition. He's always on time, always excited to train and always has new exercises to keep it interesting!

Heididdly D.