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Nutrition Coaching

Start Eating Right with the Guidance of a Nutrition Coach


Many people spend hours on the internet looking for a healthy nutrition plan that seems to match their fitness goals and lifestyle. But no matter how enticing the plan is, on the surface, you don’t always have the guarantee that it will work for you. Nothing beats having a nutrition coach to determine the most suitable plan for you and guide you through it.

Work with a Nutrition Coach

Before you dive into a nutrition plan, make sure it is the right one for you. Get in touch with a nutrition coach who helps you set up a plan, monitors your progress, and guides you through the process. An effective coach helps you successfully deal with these instances:

  1. You’ve tried various diets and nothing has worked.
  2. Many diet fads and health crazes claim to have immediate results. But they are unhealthy and they don’t always work. A nutrition coach develops a plan that caters to your unique health needs.
  3. You’re not sure what food to eat and to avoid.
  4. After doing some research on the internet, you might become even more confused than when you started. One resource encourages you to eat something, while another tells you to avoid it. A nutrition coach figures out which types of food are suitable for your body type.
  5. You’ve been neglecting your health.

Your responsibilities at work and your social obligations may eat up your time and prevent you from looking after your health. In this case, a nutrition coach keeps you on track with your long-term fitness goals.

Fitness coach and Crossfit trainer Jef Nelson, helps you adopt a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.

Take Advantage of Accompanying Tools and Technologies

Having a nutrition coach gives you access to tools and technologies that a random online article can’t provide. At Shogun Fitness, we use the In-Body scanner to determine your body composition. Moreover, we use Advocare to make sure your nutrition plan is effective and has lasting results. Call us today for a complimentary strategy call. 

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